Keep Me Moist
Keep Me Moist

Keep Me Moist

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17 x 11 inches

Limited Edition Linoleum Block Print on French Paper


Signed by the Artist/Numbered

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This print is about my relationship to plants and my commitment to a life full of pleasure and sexual joy. I have been intentionally focused on growing my knowledge with plants and gardens over the last two years since I left an abusive relationship.

Part of my healing was to recognize that I used to play a “rescuer” role and would always try to fix or rescue my lovers and loved ones. I would try to take on their problems as my own. And that constantly put me in a position of not getting my needs met, because I was too busy meeting the needs of others and being the adult.

With lots of regular therapy and plant medicine healing, I have abandoned the drama triangle and have shifted toward self empowerment. I now focus my energy on plants and on other species, fulfilling my deep desire to care for other life.

I don’t have offspring so it works for me to care for my 200+ green babies. Putting my energy into gardening and being an active dog parent has deeply benefited my mind and body, and allowed me to tap into nature’s intelligence. By maintaining a regenerative relationship with my green siblings, I can then recycle that energy back into myself in the form of self pleasure.

Since the pandemic started, I have probably masturbated more than I ever have in my life. I've also been laser focused on my own sexual healing and on pleasing myself. In times of revolution, it's important to feel freedom in our bodies. I am observing how my body, my desires and my orgasm are changing. Having a practice of self pleasure helps me connect all the dots.

This print is about taking full responsibility for my joy and for keeping my mind, body and plants moist.