Quiero Soñar Despierta
Quiero Soñar Despierta

Quiero Soñar Despierta

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10.5 x 8 inches

2-color Letterpress Print


Signed by the Artist/Numbered

Limited Edition of 22

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I created this piece after a wild and passionate sexual escapade with an acclaimed poet. My most visible memory is of me laying on top of the kitchen table with my legs open, in full ecstasy. The words in English mean, "I want to dream while I'm still awake."

The song is named after a song, "Sueños del 95" by the Columbian band, Aterciopelados:


Quiero brotar como un lirio

brillar como un bombillo

ser mariposa

morirme mañana

subir ingrávida

quiero soñar despierta


Translated that means: 

I want to sprout like a lily

shine like a light bulb

be a butterfly

die tomorrow

be weightless

I want to daydream while I'm awake.