Balance - Red Edition

Balance - Red Edition

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37" x 25"

Woodblock, Monotype, & Watercolor on Handmade Korean Hanji Paper 


Limited Edition of 3 prints

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I created this print series in honor of my commitment to work less, and to stop judging myself in relation to how productive I am. Instead, I desire a life of balance - a life that is equal in play and work.  Like many other high achievers, I work all the time. 12-15 hour days are normal for me. Although I really love doing art, I also want to learn how to have down time, engage in more pleasurable activities, and be more present for those I love. I feel guilty when I'm not working on my never ending list of stuff. I make up all kinds of excuses for why I need to work late night and weekends. Everything feels urgent. I grew up seeing my parents work 2-3 jobs, always in the hustle - and it's such an ingrained part of who I am. But I imagine another future for myself. 

I want to break free of the mental limits of our productivity oriented society. I want to make more room for nothingness, for joy, for pleasure and for lots of fucking.

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