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Bodega Bay 5

Bodega Bay 5

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11 x 14.88 inches

Collage with Screenprint and Linoleum Block Elements on Cotton Rag Paper.



This print series honors Bodega Bay, a beautiful region where I go mushroom foraging and to connect with the coastal ecosystem in California. I love mushroom foraging because it connects me with a cycle between trees and fungi. I love to go with my friends and cook a meal together to enjoy our collective gifts from earth mama. 

The region of Bodega Bay and Fort Ross have a really sad history because it's also a place where ecosystems and Indigenous people were heavily impacted by colonial violence. So much life, destroyed by greed, exploitation and racism. I thought about all of this when I was making these collages. I give thanks that I can both honor the land through art and also help people never forget. 

This series reflects a new approach in my creative decision making. For these works, I wanted to approach my landscapes through a simple form, through the simplicity of shapes, which meant a lot of self restraint.

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