Dolores, a Warrior for All Living Beings

Dolores, a Warrior for All Living Beings

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22 x 17 inches

Digital Fine Art Print


Signed by the Artist/Unnumbered Edition

Limited Edition of 20 

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This artwork honors the life and work of Dolores Huerta. The piece depicts our human relationship to nature and is dedicated to all the people who work the land. Dolores has stood for workers who are most connected to the land, and who suffer when we poison the land with petrochemicals. The work shows Mother Earth (Pachamama) embracing the planet and imagining a world of equality and health for all living creatures. As a vegetarian, Dolores advocates for all living beings and hence I included other forms of life, including a traditional Xolo dog also known as the Xoloitzcuintli. The plant leaves represent the foundation of life, since plants helped terraform the earth. For me as an artist, Dolores represents our shared humanity that is the foundation of our social relations and of human dignity. And finally, I included a monarch butterfly because Dolores has advocated for and protected migrant workers all of her life. 

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