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Femmes of the Earth 5 *Framed*

Femmes of the Earth 5 *Framed*

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14.86 x 11.13 inches

Collage with Screenprint and Linoleum Block Elements on Cotton Rag Paper


**This work is framed with UV protective plexi glass and archival materials, framed by an Oakland-based small women-run business**


In honor of International Women's Month, I’m releasing my new series, Femmes of the Earth. We are connected to each other the earth. The same system that exploits the earth exploits our wombs and our bodies. To defend nature is to defend ourselves and to protect the web of life. 

Throughout history, womb carriers have been defenders of the earth, protecting trees, forests, oceans, soil and living creatures. This piece celebrates our feminine connection to all that is alive. To be a womb carrier means to be connected to the infinite power of life. It doesn't mean that all womb carriers must give life. It means that we have an organism designed to love and care for the next generation of humans and living things that will continue to roam this planet. 

For this series, I wanted to depict the femme character in all her wild nature.The hair on many of these characters is grass or mountains or organic patterns. Some body parts are also representations of mountains. I am drawn to mountains because of their deep wisdom and longevity. My ancestors are Andean mountain people. I enjoyed creating this series because I wanted to celebrate the colors of various Indigenous cultures on this hemisphere that I have connected with in the fight around climate justice. 

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