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Freedom. Justice. Voice. Power

Freedom. Justice. Voice. Power

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20 x 16 inches

Fine Art Digital Print



Freedom. Justice. Voice. Power...the components of liberation. This piece depicts three empowered people collaborating to transform the world. They move together, because they are more mighty when they are united. They are angry, yet they leverage their emotions to transform their lives. They are thriving despite all the hardships in their path. And they are beautiful, their light is radiant and the complexity of their humanity is limitless. They are fierce, and little by little, they are going to heal our world, with the power of the feminine. The inspiration for this piece came during a trip to Lima, Peru two years ago, where I participated in a feminist gathering of Latin American women. The piece is composed of both drawings and monotypes, created on an etching press using etching ink, stencils, and mineral spirits. 

My approach to art is heavily shaped by the social movements that taught me to demand freedom, body freedom and mental freedom. From 2000-2010, my work alongside activists in the front lines inspired my visual compositions. Additionally, my work was heavily influenced by the posters of the Black Panther Party and the Chicano Art Movement. Community organizing taught me about collective action, sustainability, power, and privilege – and these values have shaped my practice. For most of my life, I have created within a laboratory of constant and urgent activism. It isn't the only part of my practice now, but it's one of the areas that feeds me. And in times like these, I understand how important this work is.

This piece was originally commissioned by the Global Fund for Women.

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