Liberate Abortion!
Liberate Abortion!

Liberate Abortion!

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12 x 18 inches

2 Color Handprinted Screenprint on French Paper

Limited Edition of 50




Abortion Access for All! 

I created this poster for the national mobilizations happening in cities around the country.

I’ve had abortions in my lifetime and I am so thankful that my state had access to legal abortion. I can’t imagine what my life would be if I had been forced to be a mother. A number of women in my lineage did not have the choice to have an abortion, and my generation is still dealing with the trauma of that. 

We all must mobilize to defend abortion rights & access. The Supreme Court is not on the side of the 80% of Americans who support access to abortion. Let’s pressure unjust lawmakers to respect the will of the people. We are the majority!

#bansoffourbodies #liberateabortion