Life Creates Conditions for Other Life to Flourish

Life Creates Conditions for Other Life to Flourish

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36.25 x 49 inches

Oversize Monotype Collage on Handmade Korean Hanji Paper  

MP 1/1


This monotype collage is a one of a kind.

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This is one in a series of three works that depict our human relationship to plant species and the formation of ecosystems. The arrangement of the element are a metaphor for interdependence and the rejection of hierarchy. In nature, there are no bosses. 

The style of collaging was inspired by my visit to the Henri Matisse show at the Museum of Modern Art in February 2014. I was tremendously moved by his cutouts and the vocabulary of each of his signature shapes, and I then birthed my own cutout series.

The technical process begins with the printing of the full monotype sheets in a range of colors, incorporating many of my stylistic printmaking approaches, such as the repetitive thumping of the large rollers and the circular strokes of the printing brayers. 

The sheets are then cut down into collections of of unique shapes based on drawings of plants, DNA and mitochondria, and these shapes are repeated throughout the entire series. Each composition is arranged, pinned together, assembled with Japanese paste, and flattened in scroll mounting style.