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Lost in the Moment I

Lost in the Moment I

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22.25 x 14.75 inches

Collage with Screenprint and Linoleum Block Elements on Cotton Rag Paper



This print is one of a two-piece series that delves into the profound experience of immersing oneself in nature and the transformative power of psychedelics. Having explored psychedelic medicine for over a decade, I have found a deep connection with LSD, which offers a unique perspective on the universe, enveloping it in vibrant hues and colors.

In this artwork, I aim to capture the magic of this journey. Each element within the composition is imbued with symbolism, including the prominent round moon in the upper right corner. This moon serves as a nod to the rituals I engage in to honor and express gratitude to the lunar cycles, which have been instrumental in shaping my spiritual and personal growth.

Through this print, I seek to convey the boundless possibilities that unfold when we open ourselves to seeing the world through a different lens, guided by the wisdom of the natural world and the insights gleaned from psychedelic journeys.

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