Plurality EV 10/10
Plurality EV 10/10

Plurality EV 10/10

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17 x 15 inches Paper Size

8 x 8 inches Image Size

Monotype Collage and Aquatint Etching on Archival Paper


Edition Varie 10/10

**This piece comes already Framed**

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In this series of work, Plurality, I experimented for the first time with an etching process called aquatint. The shapes are overlaid upon each other, to form a language of plurality and interconnectedness.  I created these works during highly busy months, and each week, I would enter the refuge of my studio to take small steps towards completion. For me as an artist, to create is to heal, to find peace, to exercise choice, and to reconnect with nature's gifts. 

Making art is a way to record my own story for future generations. At the most fundamental level, I am a mark maker. I make a marks on surfaces, marks that are informed by own mastery of tools and my own choices. Every decision is informed my lived experiences, by my references of the world around me, and my freedom to have a visual language that is uniquely mine. Often, the marks I make on paper are an overt social commentary on the state of the world, particularly conditions of inequality and ecological destruction. But I also spend time contemplating the vast possibility of my artistic tools.  I study color, form, texture, shape, and line. I give myself space to just be human, and to understand the organic forms of nature.