Quarantine Spring 15

Quarantine Spring 15

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11 x 15 inches

Collage on Cotton Rag Paper



When the shelter-in-place orders first began in the Bay Area in early March, I recognized that I would have to rethink how I made art. I knew that I would have some challenges because before the pandemic hit, I would collaborate closely with my team to get my art executed, plus I was traveling a ton for my activism. When the pandemic hit, all of my gigs got cancelled and I was suddenly at my studio 100 percent of the time. This shift turned out to be a gift because I began cultivating a new relationship with my studio and with my creative practice.

This Quarantine Spring series reflects the ways in which I'm evolving my shapes and visual language during the pandemic. I am using a new vocabulary of shapes, as well as recycling and adapting old shapes so that I don’t waste any material. In this series, I started to play a game - I would attempt to use a limited palette of four to five colors to create fantastical landscapes. My original goal with these pieces was to print words on top of them with bold messages. Yet in creating these works, I started to fall in love with the softness of the arrangements themselves. Therefore, I let them become their own series reflecting the moment of the Quarantine Spring.