Quiero Ser Artista (Brown Bag Edition)

Quiero Ser Artista (Brown Bag Edition)

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16 x 12 inches

Handprinted Limited Edition Screenprint on Recycled Paper Bag


Signed by the Artist/Numbered

Limited Edition of 55

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This print is about a young boy who imagines his future as an artist. He is the son of farmworkers and sits at his desk making drawings in his sketchbook. Through the window, one can see the vast monocropping agricultural fields which are being sprayed with harmful chemicals. The boy is the son of migrants and he knows there is a limited future for him working in the fields - instead he wishes to be an artist. The phrase "Quiero Ser Artista", in English means, "I want to be an artist."

This print is handpulled on a recycled paper bag and is embossed with a chop from the Taller Tupac Amaru.