Round Cabeza Earrings Translucent Yellow

Round Cabeza Earrings Translucent Yellow

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Limited edition laser cut acrylic earrings

Design by Favianna

Each earring measures approx 3 x 3 inches. 

Ear hooks are sterling silver.

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A signature element of Favianna's art aesthetic are her figures and the many characters in her imaginary world. Favianna's figures are inspired by the visual culture she grew up with, whehter it was the Aztec codices, or the hip hop characters in 1980's graffitti, or the powerful black lines in protest art. Favianna creates genderless characters that celebrate her Peruvian Afro-Latinx and indigenous Inca roots. 


These earrings are heads, or in Spanish, Cabezas


You may recognize this figure which is present in many of Favianna's art pieces.