Social Solidarity
Social Solidarity

Social Solidarity

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Two Color Linoleum Block Print on Cotton Rag Paper

Paper Size: 14 x 20 inches

Image Size: 10 x 15.75inches

Limited Edition of 25 Prints



This print came to fruition in the early stages of the pandemic. I wanted to create a piece that illustrated that social distancing did not mean social isolation. Human interaction is critical to our survival, and we can co-create safer spaces that limit contagion and foster interdependence. 

I was inspired to create this art work after reading a powerful piece by john a. powell of the Othering & Belonging Institute. He explained, “There is certainly a public health need for physical distance. But this is not the same as social isolation. What is needed is social solidarity along with spatial separation… The current situation underlines the interconnectedness between all of us and our planet. It reveals, as we have been trying to show for many years, that when one person suffers, we all experience the effects of that suffering. We do belong to each other and to the earth. Now more than ever we see how it is in everyon