Vote For Her

Vote For Her

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3 Color Screenprint

18 x 12 inches



This piece celebrates the power of womxn and of the earth herself. Our current patriarchal system normalizes domination and a misuse of power. But we have to remember, these systems are not normal. They are killing us and they are killing the planet.

It’s time for us as marginalized people to rise up not just to fight back, but to also to imagine and build the future we long for. Our planet needs us too, she is suffering because of a system that rips her apart, violates her and doesn’t consider how we may live in balance and harmony.

We need bold action on climate NOW. We must elect people that care about people and the planet. Climate change is a racial justice issue. 

We can’t afford another four years of climate denial and ecological devastation.  The climate crisis is here and it’s causing tragedy at a pace that our state government cannot keep up with. Voting is a necessary step to protect and defend our Mother Earth. Voting is a necessary step to topple the patriarchy!

There are many who want us to feel overwhelmed, uninspired, confused, stressed and triggered. But we must stand in our power, grounded in the truth that we are stronger than the systems of hate, and that we are in the midst of a great redirection.