Walk of Life

Walk of Life

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26 x 20 inches.
Handprinted Limited Edition Screenprint


Signed by the Artist/Numbered

Limited Edition of 76 

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This print emphasizes the importance of teaching young people about the principles of justice, equality and social responsibility. It's key that we teach youth to consume less, to reuse, to cook, to treat others with respect, to protect Mother Earth, and to choose love over hate.

In the piece, I depict a young boy drawing the words "Paz" (Peace) on a world map. Flowers and vegetation surround him to symbolize that he is a warrior for the planet. This piece was printed by hand by Master Printer, Jose Alpuche, at Self Help Graphics in Los Angeles. The print was named after one of my favorite 80's songs - "Walk of Life" by Dire Straits.

See photos of screenprinting process with master printer, Jose Alpuche at Self Help Graphics