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Biodiversity Not Monoculture

Biodiversity Not Monoculture

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Collage with Screenprint elements on Cotton Rag Paper

30 x 22 inches 



This print is part of a series of collages that depict themes that I’m passionate about. In my own activism as a feminist, there are core themes that inspire and drive my creative practice, including: healing from trauma, body autonomy, reproductive justice, climate crisis, self development, and sexual freedom. 

As a woman of color, these issues have impacted me directly and shaped my life experience. Not only do I make objects and works about these themes, I also support frontline organizing focused on achieving lasting social change. I am also passionate about ending the gender binary and in having extensive conversations about how we talk about gender. 

These feminist word collages are also a remix and readaptation of my political poster practice.  I began my art career doing political posters, so they are very meaningful to my own artistic growth and have formed the basis of how I communicate. I created posters actively for ten years, and most of that work would happen through digital mediums, since that was the fastest way to create and disseminate my work. Twenty years later, , I am reinterpreting some of the techniques that I would use in my early poster days. For example, I limit the number of words I'm going to use and I rely on symbols and icons that are easily recognizable. I also create poster designs that are direct, simple and able to be interpreted in 30 seconds or less.

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