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Blooming Splendor 5

Blooming Splendor 5

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22.5 x 15 inches

Collage with Linoleum Block and Screenprint elements on Cotton Rag Paper



Embrace the Nectar, Awaken Your Senses.  My garden is a world of boundless beauty and energy. I feel like a flower myself! Like these blossoms, I too spread my nectar through the art I create.

My garden is flourishing with an abundance of irresistible and colorful flowers. Each bloom serves as a reminder of my profound connection to the natural world, an unbreakable bond that sets my spirit free. Just like a flower, I thrive and bloom.

To embrace the wild is to embrace my authentic self, shedding the limitations imposed by colonial narratives. Within my garden, I find sanctuary. Each flower unfurls like a gentle caress, igniting a sensual fire that fuels my artistic expression.

Join me on this journey of wild exploration and artistic expression, immersing ourselves in a world where pleasure and creativity intertwine.

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