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Carinito 4

Carinito 4

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15 x 22.25 inches

Collage with Linoleum Block Elements on Cotton Rag Paper



This series celebrates my Andean mountain heritage. My people are from Peru and we have a powerful relationship to the Andes Mountains. When I was a teenager, I would love to travel to Cuzco to reconnect with and reclaim my ancestral culture. I would love looking at all the colors, shapes and geometry of the art. The shapes of the stones that the Incas would use in their structures are really inspiring to me. In this series of collages, I wanted to pay a tribute to the way in which Indigenous people from Peru have retained and sustained our culture so that people like me, whose family was displaced because of migration, are able to celebrate and appreciate our culture. I love these collages because of the various triangles. Most of the time, I use soft circular shapes with curves. However, for this series, I wanted to experiment with edges and triangles to create patterns that remind me of my cultura.

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