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Defend the Earth V-Neck TShirts

Defend the Earth V-Neck TShirts

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New DEFEND THE EARTH Limited Edition shirts. 


Printed on Next Level Apparel shirts. Please note this cut of shirt is designed as a women's model. So it may fit differently on male-leaning bodies. 

Available sizes: S, M, L, XL


About the Image

This image depicts our Mama Universe, holding our home, Earth, with profound love and care. Mama Universe is accompanied by a wise deer that guides us all living creatures. In our current epoch, human beings who hold global positions of power are destroying nature and our planet at unprecendented rates. The impact of our species, homo sapiens sapiens, is unlike anything we have ever witnessed. This is why we must evolve as a human species, to uplift regenerative solutions, and put an end to the extractive economy. Unless we address racism, as well as social and gender inequity, we will not have the capacity to bring out the changes that are needed to sustain our human species. It's all connected, and this is why we must evolve to get beyond these outdated social constructs of race and gender which have damaged our species, and have contributed to the same systems that lead us to hurt the earth. Our exploitation of human bodies is linked to our exploitation of the earth. Once we can view the full humanity in all of us, we will be able to more deeply connect with nature and support her so that she can care for us for many centuries to come. We will become extinct if we do not adapt. Defend the Earth!

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