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16 x 12 inches

Screenprint on French Paper


ED. 60


Let’s STOP the flow of aid to Israel. I’m tremendously inspired by the growing student movement demanding divestment. Divestment is smart, and it has worked in the past. 

I am selling these posters to help fund the student organizing happening in my state. Proceeds will go to UC (University of California) students to continue to pressure the UC system to divest from funding arms and weapons manufacturers. There are still students who are on the quarter system who are continuing the encampments. There is a historical track record that shows that the UC system has divested from other causes as a result of student demands - past examples include divesting from fossil fuels and from Sudan. 

It’s only a matter of time for these universities to show up on the right side of history.

I will release these funds as I receive information from student organizers and faculty working directly with students. For example, some students need bail support as a result of occupying buildings. I will post the causes I donate to here.

Thank you for supporting the student uprising for Palestine.

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