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Fragments Reimagined

Fragments Reimagined

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35 x 27 inches

Collate with Linoleum Block and Screenprint Elements on Hanji Paper.



I find deep inspiration within my studio, a realm of boundless creativity where leftover art fragments find new life. Each saved remnant becomes a building block for fresh narratives, a testament to the alchemy of rebirth and reimagination.

In this collage, you'll witness a tapestry of patterns crafted over various years. Each scrap of paper holds significance, and I'm committed to utilizing these precious materials in an intentional manner. I breathe new life into remnants, weaving them into compositions and imbuing them with meaning.

As I work, my hands become conduits of creativity, delicately arranging fragments, giving them purpose. The art that emerges is a testament to the connection between myself, my materials, and evocative narratives within each piece.

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