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Greater Roadrunner

Greater Roadrunner

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7 x 12 inches

3 Layer Screenprint on French Paper



MEEP MEEP! This bird is born to run! Known for its incredible speed and resilience, the roadrunner can outrun humans, conquer rattlesnakes, and thrive in the harsh Sonoran Desert landscapes.

This screenprint pays tribute to the remarkable bird I encountered during my time in Arizona's stunning desert region.

Despite being capable of flight, these birds prefer to run, reaching speeds of up to 15 miles per hour in open environments and an astonishing 26 mph in sprints. Humans notice how curiously unafraid of us they are, stopping long enough for us to admire their feathered crest and red eye patch before taking off again, with nary a “meep meep.”

In October 2023, I participated in an artist residency with the University of Arizona Humanities , during which I installed a beautiful art installation at the Poetry Center that honored creatures from the Sonoran Desert that are being impacted by border militarization and climate crisis. It is important that we know that the US Mexico border wall has had devastating impacts not just for people but also for many species who call this beautiful desert home. 

During my residency, I explored the ecological realities of the borderlands through the lens of diverse plant, animal, and human communities.

This unique piece, featuring three ink drops, captures the essence of the roadrunner's spirit and the fragile beauty of the desert ecosystem.

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