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Green Triangle

Green Triangle

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15 x 11.25 inches. 

Collage with Linoleum Block, and Screenprint Elements on Cotton Rag Paper.



These word collages are part of a new limited edition collage series in which I combine text with the elements that I recently used in my “Tribute to Matisse” series, where I celebrated Matisse’s influence on my work. In this collection, I am creating abstract collages based on words that I am currently using a lot in my vocabulary. 

I have been engaging in an active practice of forgiveness and also deep care for the people around me that I love. I've also been thinking about what I say YES to and trying to put my energy towards the people and the experiences towards which I feel an enthusiastic YES towards. I've also been doing a lot of work around my own womb healing. You will see these words pop up in these collages. 

What I love about these word collages is that they bring my two fundamental practices together: the use of text to communicate a social or political theme as well as the use of shapes to communicate a mood. These elements are also very meaningful because they represent the different species that are in my home that I care for, such as plants or flowers. 

My art is frequently a reflection of how and what I'm experiencing in my life and in my consciousness. I create art to make those ideas real and to reflect them outwards. 

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