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Hetch Hetchy 2

Hetch Hetchy 2

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14.88 x 22.13 inches

Collage with linoleum block and screenprint elements on cotton rag paper.



Honor the beauty and significance of Hetch Hetchy with this captivating print! For over a century, this sacred body of water has been the lifeblood of San Francisco, providing clean drinking water and sustainable electricity to the city. I was a finalist for a project at the San Francisco Water Department, and that propelled me to learn more about this amazing body of water. 

The Hetch Hetchy Valley was once a pristine wilderness stewarded by Native American communities. The Paiute people referred to the valley as Iyaydzi. In many ways it resembled Yosemite Valley, having been shaped and carved out by the last glacial era. Before it became a reservoir in 1923, this great meadow was full of oak trees, grass, and deer.

However, the valley's transformation sparked controversy and activism. Despite its designation as protected land within Yosemite National Park, plans to dam and flood Hetch Hetchy were approved by Congress in 1913. This inspired an international environmental movement to preserve and protect exceptional landscapes.

This collage art piece offers a poignant glimpse into the Hetch Hetchy reservoir as it stands today. Beneath its surface lies a hidden world of granite cliffs and ancient waterfalls, a reminder of the valley's former glory.

Water is Life. It is important that in these times of climate crisis, we acknowledge the harms committed to lands and to the people who stewarded these lands, and that we explore pathways towards repair. Let's honor and protect the life force that sustains us all. 

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