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15 x 11.25 inches. 

Collage with Linoleum Block Elements on Cotton Rag Paper.



I have a profound love for my hands because they are the tools that empower me every single day. With them, I type on my computer, create delicious meals, bring my artistic visions to life, and nurture life itself through my beloved garden. 

Recently, my lovely mother suffered a wrist injury as she got lost in the beauty of her blooming roses. As I supported her through her healing, it opened my eyes to the incredible capabilities of our hands and how much we rely on them.

In this artwork, I've captured a hand reaching out towards a vibrant flower in my garden, gracefully plucking it to be displayed in a charming vase, enhancing the beauty of my home. I love picking the flowers that I have helped bring to life. This work honors the intimate connection between nature and ourselves, reminding us to cherish and honor the wonders that surround us.

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