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Silence Breakers TP 1/2

Silence Breakers TP 1/2

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17" x 15 inches. Paper Size

8" x 8 inches. Image Size

Monotype Collage and Aquatint Etching on Archival Paper


This print is a one of a kind. Click on each image to enlarge.

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This series of works is dedicated to the many courageous women who broke their silence about sexual harassment and abuse, and catalyzed a process of public accountability. A special recognition to Tarana Burke, the founder of the #metoo movement. 

In this series of work, the shapes are overlaid upon each other to form a language of plurality and interconnectedness. Similar to other bodies of work that I have created this year, I find myself experimenting with my own decisions in my mark making. At the most fundamental level, I am a mark maker. I make a marks on surfaces, marks that are informed by own mastery of tools and my own choices. Every decision is informed my lived experiences, by my references of the world around me, and my freedom to have a visual language that is uniquely mine. My marks reflect my choices in color, form, texture, shape, and line.


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