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Sunkissed Serenity II

Sunkissed Serenity II

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24 x 18 x 1 inches

Collage with Linoleum Block and Screenprint Elements on Wood Panel



In 2023, I was deeply engrossed in a series of projects that paid homage to the diverse ecosystems thriving in the Bay Area. This region boasts a rich tapestry of nature, from the majestic Redwoods gracing California's foggy coast to the wetlands of the South Bay, where concerted restoration efforts were breathing new life into the land. 

As I delved into these projects, I was profoundly moved by the resilience of our local ecosystems, as well as the sobering consequences of past land exploitation and colonization that still impact these habitats. The journey unveiled the work of healing and rejuvenating our natural surroundings, and I felt so proud to be a Californian

My research immersed me in the intricate world of natural symbolism, where every plant, tree, and even microorganism told a unique story. I began amassing a library of these symbols, and they were cut from my textures. These symbols would later become the building blocks of the collages that I crafted, a visual testament to the extraordinary beauty of this magnificent region.

For these particular collages, I embarked on the creation of a new texture library infused with a fresh palette of colors. Each year I have expanded this library, using linoleum block prints of my own drawings to generate an array of textures. In these collages, you'll encounter these delightful new color combinations, mirroring the breathtaking landscapes that emerged from my research and imagination.

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