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The Fertile Heart of Earth

The Fertile Heart of Earth

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36.75 x 24.75 inches

Collage with linoleum block elements on Hanji Paper.



This artwork pays homage to the ever-changing cycles of my garden, reflecting on its transformation through the seasons. During the winter, as nature enters a period of dormancy, I observe the quiet beauty of decay and renewal. I pick up the fallen leaves from my fruit trees, and I cover the soil, supporting the intricate process of composting. Even the earthworms, usually so lively, slow their movements, mirroring the subdued rhythm of the garden.

Yet amidst this stillness, there is a vibrant energy at work beneath the surface. Rainwater nourishes the soil, thunderstorms breathe life into the earth, and the lengthening days signal the imminent arrival of spring. 

This piece is a testament to my dedication to nurturing a thriving ecosystem within my soil over the past five years. Through this collage, I celebrate the dynamic interplay of life and death, of composting and rebirth, that unfolds within my garden with each passing season.

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